Friday, 3 June 2011

An Introduction

Hello everyone. This is my first post so I thought I'd start by introducing myself and my blog, telling you a little about what I'm going to write here.

I do artificial intelligence research dealing with robotics and machine learning and am interested in many things to do with artificial intelligence. The purpose of this blog is to write down my thoughts on the subject, talk about popular aspects of AI and let people know what's going on in the world of AI. It will also act as a place where I can meet people and discuss the topics, so feel free to comment, critisize or discuss anything I write about.

The topics I cover may include:
  • everyday AI: how AI affects your world
  • fun: fun ways AI is been used
  • future: speculation about how the future will be shaped by AI
  • AI research
  • recent news
  • fiction: book reviews and maybe even original writing
  • technical: how to program a certain AI technique or how to deal with a problem
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around.

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